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What is Berry Blast and Its Applications?

A generally sativa hybrid from Snow High Seeds, Blueberry Blast is a result of the renowned Blueberry-Haze genetics of Blue Dream being bred by a Johnny Blaze male. These flowers smell emphatically of blueberry, musk, and sweet treat, and feel like cedar and berries when vaped. A convinced sativa effect is to be expected, with taking off, trippy highs that steadily fade into relaxation.

Created by Snow High Seeds, the productive Oregon-based breeders held for strains like Black Mamba, this strain is a well-known cross between omnipresent Blue Dream and heavy, Stoney Johnny Blaze. These genes join to create a buzzy, dynamic contact with a complex flavor profile. Its THC levels have been estimated at between 16% and 28%.

Blueberry Blast is characterized by medium to large flowers that have a uniquely tapered, cone like shape. The sizable buds are a dense, heavy indica creation, and breaking them separated requires a quality grinder. The overgrown green leaves are shot through with ragged orange pistils. Lively shades of purple are often present as well; these hues come about when anthocyan in pigments in the plant’s genetics are agitated by nippy climate during vegetation – the process isn’t unlike the changing of foliage in fall due to decreasing chlorophyll levels. Clear white trichomes coat the inner and outer surfaces of these flowers, adding to the strain’s psych action and giving the buds a tenacious texture.

True to its name, this type hits consumers with a fruity blueberry impact when it’s freed from its crate. This fragrance, verging on overly sweet, is underscored by some sharp citrus notes. Pulverizing or breaking open the flowers gives off some musky and herbal notes, reminiscent of grandparent strain Haze. When combusted, Blueberry Blast gives off a smooth and easy smoke and may taste woody and piney on the exhale.